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Harness the Power of Singing in Parenting

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Smart Singing for Babies

Part tutorial, part voice lesson, part concert—and all fun!! For parents to watch and learn how to use the power of music to make smarter, happier babies!

What's the best and most fun tool to raise a happier, smarter baby? Music! Music has been proven to supercharge baby learning, and can help baby communicate with you faster, help both of you sleep better, relieve stress, build confidence, and more!

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The Power of Music

Smart Singing for Babies shows you how to use the power of music to make happier, smarter babies! Part tutorial. part voice lesson, and part concert, it was designed for the parents of kids from before birth until 2 years old, with chapters like "The Magic Song" (how to stop crying), "Lullaby Power" (sleep tricks), and even an interview with a behavioral therapist for better bonding, communication, and happiness!

When April Malina (singer, voiceover artist, voice teacher) became a new mom, she watched all the popular baby DVDs… and was left either bored or feeling that important information was missing. So she started researching obsessively and applying her 20+ years of teaching experience to see what worked for her new baby. These techniques were so great, she wanted to share them… and Smart Singing for Babies was born!

Also... sure enough, the research backed the results: basic singing techniques that work for adults have hidden or "secret" benefits for babies… and parents!

This 17+ chapter video course includes short, informative, fun chapters that use music to address learning, sleeping, communicating, and bonding. 

The best tool to raise a happier, smarter baby is also the most fun – MUSIC! Music can help you supercharger your baby's learning, help them communicate with you faster (meaning less meltdowns), can help both of you sleep better, relieve stress, build confidence, and much much more! Why not share the gift of music … for life!? Smart Singing for Babies.

Smart Singing for Babies

Harness the power of singing to raise a happier baby! 

  • 18 lessons
  • 1 hour and 43 minutes of content
  • 3 lullabies, with music and lyrics
  • A musical video for your baby from American Idol Anthony Federov and musical theater star Jennifer Paz
  • And much, much more! 

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Harness the Power of Singing in Parenting

Smart Singing for Babies helps parents help your 0-2 year old to speak (and eventually sing) faster, easier, and with a stronger connection!

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What is Smart Singing for Babies, and why should you care? (HINT: It’s for parents to watch, not for the babies!) This segment introduces Smart Singing for Babies to pregnant moms, baby showers, and new parents of kids through about 2 years of age.

The Smart in Smart Singing

You can supercharge your baby's learning using simple tools. Learn how to use your precious time together for good -- this is the science, the how & why, Smart Singing works. This includes an interview with a behavioral therapist and her hints & tips for babies.


One of the easiest ways to help your little baby's brain is with lullabies! Maybe you think you're not a singer, or don't know the benefits of singing to your baby ... but there are tons of benefits, from easier sleep to a better connection with you!

Singing Storytime

Singing your books at story time is not just fun … it helps setup bedtime cues, provides bonding time, gives you cuddletime, and stimulates your baby’s brain to help their early language skills! Here’s why it works, and how to sing them … easy, fun, and great for baby!

Silly Sounds

Is there an evolutionary purpose to silly sounds? Yes!! Tools you can use include repetition, silly sounds, duplication, and sound games — like the Battle Cry game — to help kickstart their language learning. Learn tricks like physical cues. You’re not only teaching communication, but the basics of singing!

Magic Song

Music can have a magical effect on your emotions. It can also have a magical effect on the emotions of your baby! See how one song in particular immediately calmed April’s son, Adrian, and how maybe you can use your own Magic Song to help your little one.

Sing and Sign

One of the earliest ways to communicate with a baby is via sign language. Teaching your baby some simple signs will allow them to communicate their needs with you, which reduces frustration. Happy baby = happy parents! But what is the singing twist? We’ll show you here.

Aural Hygiene

What’s one simple thing that anyone can do for vocal success? Creating successful habits by pairing your singing games with daily activities. Making toothbrush time ALSO vocalization time is a great way to not only clean baby’s teeth, but to crate a more fun, bonding, educationally productive experience.

Baby Got Rhythm?

Your heartbeat is the first thing your baby hears — even feels. Rhythm, then, is the first element of music we experience. How can we introduce rhythm NOW to our little infant so that they internalize it before they’re older? This segment includes a few easy, fun rhythm games.

Fill in Game

Remember the Old MacDonald song? This — and games like it — make learning fun, and are easy to play at bath time or playtime. You’ll learn how to create a positive feedback loop with auditory, visual, and social cues.

Monkey Vowels

Vowels are the key to communication. (For example, singing is 90 to 99% vowels!) You can help your infant communicate by understanding vowels (which ride the flow of air) and consonants (which stop the air). This is a huge “secret” tool for singers — that also helps your infant.

The Real ABCs

Why do we learn an alphabet that doesn’t actually teach us the correct sounds of the letters?! Prepare to have your mind blown as you learn a phonetically correct alphabet song for this modern era. You can make speech easier for your kids with this fun song.

Baby’s First Voice Lesson

Ready to take baby to the next level? You can give them a simple, great voice lesson … it’s easy! Here’s what it looks like to do a voice video for your baby, including scales, silly sounds, sing & sign, vowels, and rhythm.

Concert Time “I Poop”

The Auraganix (with American Idolist Anthony Fedorov and Jennifer Paz of Miss Saigon and Steven Universe) join us and sing Adrian’s favorite song — and hopefully yours! — I Poop! Hear this exclusive version of their catchy song live, in it’s entirely.

Learn the Lullabies Brahms

One of the easiest ways to help your little baby's brain is lullabies! So we put together a Smart version of Brahms lullaby for you, and teach you how to sing it. For the second time around we do it without the words so you can sing to your baby!

Learn the Lullabies Sleep, My Lovely Baby

Again, we teach you a Smart lullaby — Sleep, My Lovely Baby. We learn it the same way we did, with one version of the melody, one with the words, and another for you to sing too! Here’s to sleepy babies … and great sleep for parents!

Learn the Lullabies Music Box

Again, we teach you a Smart lullaby — Music Box. And again, we’ll learn it the same way we did before: The first pass is the melody. The next pass helps you learn the words. The third pass is piano only, so you can sing to your baby.

Sing my Baby (Credit and Thanks)

To wrap up Smart Singing for Babies, April sings “Sing my Baby” to help you and your baby go to sleep!

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