Mermaid Masterclass

Coming Soon! A comprehensive class on singing

Dive into the enchanting depths of an extraordinary singing experience with the captivating Mermaid Smart Singing Masterclass. Immerse yourself in a world where timeless melodies are woven with invaluable vocal techniques, guiding aspiring singers on a transformative journey. This extraordinary course transports participants to a realm where classic songs come alive, providing a foundation for honing their musical prowess. With each note, students uncover the secrets of breath control, pitch modulation, and expression, unlocking the power within their voices. Delve into the ocean of possibilities and embrace the ethereal allure of this immersive vocal adventure, where the magic of the deep resonates in every heartfelt harmony.


Part of Your World

A Mini-Course—and a preview of our Mermaid Masterclass

When I was making my Mermaid Masterclass, I got super excited about this vocal exercise that makes singing “Part of Your World” so much easier! So I’m giving this away for a short time, in honor of the new The Little Mermaid live action movie — yay!! 


Smart Singing for Babies

Part tutorial, part voice lesson, part concert—and all fun!! For parents to watch and learn how to use the power of music to make smarter, happier babies!

What's the best and most fun tool to raise a happier, smarter baby? Music! Music has been proven to supercharge baby learning, and can help baby communicate with you faster, help both of you sleep better, relieve stress, build confidence, and more!


We believe in the power of singing — for your confidence, your happiness, and your soul.

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