Angels of Music

Arts Education Nonprofit

Angels of Music is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization  dedicated to arts education. We support their mission by offering content and logistical support. 

The mission of Angels of Music is to empower people to achieve their dreams, regardless of their financial abilities, by creating and curating the most effective, entertaining online music education, as well as offering free visual arts education such as Photoshop tutorials.

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Find Your Voice

Angels of Music was founded by April Malina – yes, also the founder of Smart Singing – a renowned vocal coach, voiceover artist. April has dedicated her life to helping students find their voice and express themselves through music … to literally and figuratively find their voice. With Angels of Music, she aims to create an even larger positive impact on the world.

Pillars of Action

Programs include:

  • exclusive voice lesson videos
  • scholarships to Smart Singing, the ultimate resource for singers
  • supporting children's theatre programs with group course scholarships
  • singing seminars in the Southern California region
  • Photoshop course scholarships

These resources are available to all students, free of charge.

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We believe in the power of singing — for your confidence, your happiness, and your soul.

Please, join us on this journey and discover the joy of music for yourself. Thank you!

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