Style that Song: She Used To Be Mine

inspiraton star quality youtube Sep 08, 2020

Haven’t had a good cry in awhile? Brace yourself – you’re about to shed some serious water weight. In this week’s Style that Song, it’s “She Used To Be Mine” from the musical Waitress.

First up, here are 4 totally different interpretations of this beautiful broadway melody, each masterfully performed in their own right. Which is your favorite?

Shoshana Bean’s emotional, heart-rendering version:

Big moment starts around 2:26

Amanda Cole drops the mic with this raw and soulful rendition:

Crescendo starts around 2:12

How about an acoustic version? David Hunter’s got it covered:

Money notes begin around 3:43

Jeremy Jordan brings sensitivity and spirit to his powerful performance:

Big moment starts around 2:00

BTW, our favorites from the comments section for Jeremy Jordan include: “Jeremy Jordan performances: 60% voice 39% eyebrows 1% everything else”, “I just went through all seven stages of grief while listening to this”, and — la pièce de résistance: “I didn’t sign a permission slip to go on this feels trip.” Who can RELATE?!

Obsessed? Here’s the supercut!

Challenge: In this compilation, listen for all the differences in interpretation that you’re hearing from these incredible singers. What can you use from this on the song you’re currently working on?


15 (!) different killer covers here:

Bonus Content

We can’t stop! 3 More Extraordinary Versions:

Jordin Sparks gives her everything with this stirring rendition:

Big notes start around 2:21

WAITRESS Star Alison Luff knocks it out of the park:


Chase Holfelder tickles the ivories and those high notes in this performance retweeted by Sara Bareilles herself!:

Big notes start around 2:07

Don’t feel all cried out yet? The genius duo of Miss Bareilles and Jesse Mueller pass the baton during this breathtaking Tony performance:


Interested in irrigating a small farm with your tears? Watch young Adrian sing this song to the cast of Waitress … that reaction at the end!! I’m not crying, YOU’RE crying.


Notice in all these performances the impactful interweaving of vocal technique with emotionally revealing, truthful storytelling. May this inspire you to powerfully craft the stories you tell through the songs you sing!

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