Style that Song: Diva Dance

inspiraton youtube Oct 14, 2020

In this episode of Style that Song, let’s talk Diva Dance! This song from the movie The Fifth Element was literally written to be un-singable by a human.

It begins with a beautiful Italian aria, then a funky techno opera section involving rapid transitions between high and low notes, very difficult runs and plenty of staccato … all up and down a multi-octave range.

Composer Eric Serra said he never intended for it to be sung. For the movie it was recorded in segments, and highly produced using audio effects and synthesizers.

From the Movie: Diva Dance from The Fifth Element

Want to skip the Aria? Start at 3:16 >

Since then, though, we’ve seen some talented singers tackle this “un-singable” song, with some great unsynthesized and unreal versions. Here are 3 of the greats:

Laura Sings The Diva Dance From The Fifth Element

Laura’s insane accuracy ensures this performance still ranks as one of the best:


Dimash Kudaibergen – Confessa + The Diva Dance

A surprising and impressive male version of the song, Dimash here shows off some of his 6 octave range and masterful musicality before a live audience:


Jane Zhang – The Diva Dance

As a bonus, Jane’s the only one in this list who includes the aria beforehand and her performance is impeccable! With a full orchestra no less:

Want to skip the aria? Start at 3:17 >

So who styled it best? Is Laura the diva for you? Did Jane reign? Or did Dimash smash it? Have you come across another version that you think takes Diva Dance to even higher heights? Let us know in the comments!

Bonus Content


The Diva Interview

A rare interview with Maiwenn, the actress who played the blue alien Diva in The Fifth Element:

Or another great version — Amy Sings Diva Dance


So, if it’s you, how would YOU style the song? Which singer inspires you the most?

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