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business of singing youtube Oct 06, 2020

Sight singing, yaaaayyy! Okay, perhaps that isn’t your current go-to response when faced with the task of singing from a piece of sheet music you’ve never heard before. Sight singing can be intimidating as you have to process, calculate and anticipate … whilst physically producing beautiful, emotional music. But with dedication and practice, you, too, can achieve sight singing mastery!

If you want to supercharge your sight singing, may we suggest Gerald White’s phenomenal course, with lessons available to singers at all levels:

We’ve taken this course ourselves, and it’s the gold standard.

If you’re not ready for a class, here are two excellent videos to get you started:

Learn how to SIGHT SING. Interactive Singing Lesson!:

Saher Galt delivers an in-depth, interactive singing lesson that’ll have you starting to sight sing in a jiffy.


Sight Singing – To Solfege Or Not To Solfege:

Aimee Nolte explores the ins and outs of the solfège method for teaching aural skills, pitch and sight singing.

If you’re already familiar with Do Re Mi and you wanna get right into the lesson start at 7:30

Bonus Content

Interested in yet more ways to take your sight singing skills to the next level? There’s an app for that! Here are a few great options:

Singalong Solfège on the App Store:ège/id1474769398

Ella – Sight Singing on the App Store:

Prima Vista Sight Singing on Google Play:

Let us know your favorite in the comments!

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