Pop Singers: What Can Opera Teach Us?

science of singing youtube Jun 22, 2022

So you’ve spent most of your life as a singer working on songs by artists like Selena Gomez, John Legend or Katy Perry, and maybe now you’re opera-curious. And why not? What can this incredibly important, powerful form of singing teach us about pop?

But maybe opera sounds intimidating. Not to worry! While some of the mechanics of singing opera differ from pop, including singing with a little more intentionality and precision with longer vowels, there’s a lot of crossover in terms of vocal technique.

Here are some videos that will help you start channeling your inner Christine Daaé:

Smart Singing’s April on “Why Opera?!”

The Difference Between Opera & Pop Singing
Vocal coach and opera singer Freya Casey discusses the difference in technique between the two styles here:

How to Find Your Classical Voice – Online Vocal Coaching

Tara Simon works with a singer comparing the pop and opera styles on the same song, breaking down the change in execution for each version:

Pop vs. Classical – Voice Lessons To The World

Voice teacher Justin Stoney gives a lesson on the technical and stylistic differences between pop and opera, including laryngeal position, conversational delivery, and stylistic elements (start at 1:04):

What’s been your experience singing pop vs. opera? Which do you prefer or find easier? How has understanding opera changed your pop singing? Any useful strategies you’ve found? Discuss below!


Bonus Content:

Andrea Bocelli + Ariana Grande – E Più Ti Pienso
Listen to what happens when a legendary opera singer and a masterful pop vocalist come together on this soaring duet:

Pop Songs Turned Opera

Colleen Ballinger and her best friend Jonathan bring the house down with their epic montage of pop songs sung operatically (props to Jonathan who boldly delivers an elegant classical performance without pants):

Which popular songs do you think would sound the most hilarious in an operatic style? Would it be MMMBop by the great Hanson perhaps? A little Macarena action? Or perhaps Sisqo’s Thong Song would be the ticket? Give us your picks in the comments!

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