How Do Vocal Cords Really Work??

science of singing vocal cords youtube Sep 22, 2020

Vocal cords, also known as vocal folds, are a key component of a singer’s instrument. But do you know how they work? We all know that vocal cords vibrate to make sound – but there’s more to it than that, and developing an understanding of how the voice really works leads to improved technique and vocal health – things every singer can benefit from!

Here’s a video that I show all of my students. Yes…it’s a bit technical. But with any luck, you’re into that sort of thing. And if not – remember those benefits I mentioned? Eyes on the prize, singers!:

How Do Vocal Cords Work When You Sing?:

 And here’s my Quick Tip, which you’ll understand now that you’ve seen that video!

Bonus Content

If that was interesting to you, here’s a little more on the subject:

Learn How Vocal Cords Work for Speech and Singing:

Watch Dr. Dan explain how the human voice works using the four components of phonation.

And if at this point you’re so on fire for vocal anatomy you may never be satiated, I give you:

Vocal Anatomy for Singers – Laryngeal Anatomy:

Here, Katarina leads us through a detailed and thorough explanation of the anatomy of the larynx, helping us feel and visualize how it works to produce various types of sound:

Skip to 1:28 to start the lesson.

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